Vladutescu S.: Palo Alto Axiom 4

Palo Alto Axiom IV. The fourth axiom, “digital and analogic communication”: “Human beings communicate both digitally and analogically. Digital language has a highly complex and powerful logical syntax, but lacks adequate semantics in the field of relationship, while analogic language possesses the semantics, but has no adequate syntax for the unambiguous definition of the nature of relationships” (Watzlawick P., Beavin J. B., Jackson D. D., 1967, p. 66). It has been noted that, in order to communicate, people use two large categories of signs: digital signs (words), which have an exact code, and analogic signs (gestures, postures, nonverbal languages, paralanguage, which are not based on an exact code). Thus, people can simultaneously communicate digitally and analogically. Non-verbal communication is composed of mimics (facial expressions, especially smiling), the meaning of a look, proxemics (distance between persons), gestics (self-gestics– aimed at one’s own self: touching one’s own body, pointing to the self, etc.; ex-gestics – aimed towards the others: touching the others, shaking hands, pointing at others, etc.). As different from verbal communication (digital), which is in an overwhelming proportion under the control of the production instance, analogic communication (non-verbal and paraverbal) lies under the sovereignty of uncontrollable emotional automatisms. If, in the case of the former, strategies predominate, in the latter case mechanisms are predominant. The communication producers have the capacity to direct their ideas and arguments by formulating them, by placing them in discourse.

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  1. Scoala de la Palo Alto sau „colegiul invizibil” a reunit cercetatori care si-au pus problema axiomatizarii teoriei cunoasterii si incadrarea acesteia in stiinte. Axioma IV, afirma ca se comunica atat digital cat si analog. De fapt, fiinta umana este singura capabila sa faca acest lucru

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